Now we have such technology as sublimation or in another situation it is called thermotransfer. This technology allows you to embed an image into various special surfaces. For example, sublimation is used to apply images to mugs. And for the nameplates use similar thermotransfer technology. Also the thermotransfer is used to transfer images to t-shirts or other clothes. In this case, the essence of the technology is as follows: an image is made on a special material, or printed with special paints on special paper or cut on a plotter from a special film with a special coating. Then the obtained images are placed on the desired object and the obtained «sandwich» is placed in a special thermopress, which creates pressure and temperature, whereby the image is transferred to the object. In this way you can make nameplates for equipment, gift diplomas and certifications on aluminium, beautiful mugs and cool t-shirts, working clothes and much more.


gravingGraving (engraving) — application of a pattern, inscription, ornament manually or mechanically on the surface of metal, stone, wood, glass, plastic. This is one of the oldest ways to treat a material by cutting. The pattern can be convex (relief) or recessed. gravingTwo types of engraving are most common - milling and laser.

In the process of laser graving, the upper layer or layers are removed (burned, evaporated without physical impact on the material), thereby forming recesses on the surface of the material, combinations of which give the necessary image or inscription.Laser graving allows to achieve clearer application of letters or pattern on the material, to make sharp angles, to apply patterns of different density.

Applique (plotter cutting):

ApplicationApplicationApplication — cutting and gluing of figures, patterns or whole paintings from pieces of paper, fabric, leather and other materials on the base material (background). As a rule, the base material is plastic, metal, cardboard, dense paper, wood.

For application (plotter cutting) we use polyvinylchloride self-adhesive film ORACAL.



UV-printing is a form of inkjet printing, using UV-curable ink, that is solidified (photopolymerized) with UV radiation, forming a thick film on the material to be sealed. UV-printing technology is widely used in the manufacture of advertising products - nameplates, wobblers, posters, leaflets, banners. The image is applied to almost any substrate. The polymerization process is irreversible, so such inks are saturated and bright, fat and water resistant, produce durable images with high resistance to erasure and reactive substances, temperature fluctuations and fading.

Namelates are an important interior attribute of absolutely any office of serious company, caring about its own image, which helps to mark each room, allowing better orientation in the office space. In the Company «System of Comfort» you can order the production of nameplates using different technologies - plotter cutting (application), graving, UV-printing, combination of several types. To our clients we offer services for prompt and high-quality production of office nameplates, signs, facade signs, information stands using a wide range of modern, durable, reliable materials.

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